Rose Point ECS Updates

The latest version of Rose Point ECS is 3.1.18316.1919

Download Update    This will update an existing Rose Point ECS 3.1 installation to the latest version.
Download Full Setup    This is a large download (about 300MB) and is only needed to setup Rose Point ECS 3.1 on a new PC.

Release History

Version 3.1.18316
Released 13 November 2018


  • Use the current chart format when printing route details that include a chart
  • Don’t show Lock/Unlock Position option on multi-object context menus when only non-lockable objects are selected (like tracks)
  • Enable beta testing of the new services portal

Next User Interface

  • Tweaked the minimum scale for new tide and current station displays in order to prevent clutter in some areas
  • Display the current timezone on tide and current prediction pages
  • Adjusted formatting of Add Route page so that the route selection and creation commands are easier to see
  • Update UKC display in Route Details when route is modified even when obstacles are not visible
  • Attach bridges, locks, river stage stations, and user-defined mile markers to River Routes
  • Added River Route Details browser
  • Added River Route support to Route Monitor
  • Added departure time and planned speed options to River Routes
  • Only show distance and ETA/TTG info for the selected mile marker in the Route Monitor when no route is active
  • Let admins prevent access to Settings > Vessel > Change
  • Removed the Ships Log > Voyage Recordings > Show Files option
  • Added option to display CPA indicators for dangerous and selected AIS targets (in Settings > Rose Point Labs)


  • Backup charts during sync
  • Added cleared through date/time to sync module on Settings page
  • Added Declaration of Conformity to help with a link in the Sync module on the Settings page
Version 3.1.18252
Released 10 September 2018


  • Fixed an extremely rare problem where repeated invalid API requests could cause Rose Point ECS to slow down over time
  • Fixed a problem where Rose Point ECS might not start correctly when the PC was connected to a network but not the internet, or connected to an ISP that required a login
  • Fixed a problem with the Nav Pub update service that could occasionally remove some subscribed pubs for one sync period
Version 3.1.18211
Released 31 July 2018

This is a “maintenance update” with various bug fixes and performance enhancements.


  • Enabled custom documents in services
  • Fixed Canadian Text Forecasts
Version 3.1.18154
Released 04 June 2018

This update fixes a problem with installing USACE IENC that was introduced in the last update. We made a few other tweaks too…


  • Fixed a problem where new IENC could not be installed
  • Fixed an issue with the projected shape of very large boundary circles
  • Provide a way to activate on the Accounts page when appropriate
Version 3.1.18149
Released 30 May 2018

This is a “maintenance update” with various bug fixes and performance enhancements.


  • Fixed problem where a leg could be missing from or duplicated on some pages of printed routes
  • Cleanup after installing IENC from incorrectly structured ZIP files
  • Added support for AIS Route Information messages
  • Fixed potential crash when searching in cruise mode
  • Fixed a problem where charts could be canceled because a login page was downloaded instead of a chart catalog
  • Fixed a problem where having a ‘#’ character in the Windows user name could prevent saving screens and instruments
  • Baud rate detection for new Actisense NGT-1 firmware
  • Added support for AIS Route Information messages
  • Fixed a problem with configuring the NASA NAVTEX receiver

Next User Interface

  • Tweaked formatting of vector chart property pages a bit
  • Show “Stop Navigation” command on boat’s tip when a route or waypoint is active
  • Fixed a problem updating vessel information on some AIS transponders
  • Decode more malformed AIS destination codes
  • Various changes to the Depart feature
  • Show River Routes on the chart
  • Show Master Dock Plus in depart page to make it easier to pick a valid destination
Version 3.1.18058
Released 28 February 2018

This update fixes a problem found in 3.1.18044 that could cause a crash with certain AIS configurations. Version 3.1.18044 contained the following changes:

  • Fixed a problem with boundary crossing alarms
  • Tips for Range/Bearing Bearing Lines From Boat will now update as the boat moves
  • Enable the reception of more PGNs when using the Maretron USB100 gateway

Next User Interface

  • Show direction arrows and arrival circles of selected routes even when another route is active.
  • Show hidden routes that are active.
  • Added Import and Export commands to “Voyage Plan > Files” (this will eventually be the only place for these commands)
  • Added “Send to GPX File” command to: “Voyage Plan > Routes menu”, “Voyage Plan > Route Details > Share menu”, “Voyage Plan > Marks menu”, “Ship’s Log > Tracks menu”, “Ship’s Log Events menu”, and the context/”More” menus for Routes and Marks.
  • Don’t show Login Administration option on Settings unless logins are required and user is an admin
  • Show “News and Announcements” in browser rather than separate popup
  • Show the live Update Log after starting a manual sync
  • Save Radar Overlay option in custom screen layouts
  • Added an option to control text size in the browser (Settings > General > Text Size)
  • All Activate Route commands now lead to the “Voyage Plan > Depart” page.
  • Added existing tracks to the search results in “Voyage Plan > Depart”
  • Lots of changes in the tow configuration feature
    • Allow free-form tow configurations (no more strings)
    • New popup tow selection panel
  • Include destinations without codes when searching in the Depart page, but only after the places with codes
  • Show destination in AIS vessel tips when available
  • Show decoded destinations in the AIS Vessels list
  • Added an Overview page to the Ship’s Log and made it the default/home page
  • Changed the AIS Sensor page to show an installation location for each GNSS antenna
  • Updated the AIS Sensor forms for changing voyage and vessel information
  • Made several changes to the AIS Sensor Panel:
    • Rearranged the commands on the AIS Sensor Panel
    • Let the AIS Navigational Status be changed directly with the AIS Sensor Panel rather than a popup window
  • Fixed access to the Chart Folders command
  • Make sure Chart Installation folder is included in the scan for chart files
  • Fixed problem with CCRP and a tow
Version 3.1.17283
Released 11 October 2017

This is a “maintenance update” with various bug fixes and performance enhancements.


  • Automatically install charts during sync when services are enabled
  • Delete old nav pubs during sync
  • Hide AIS environmental stations when their data expires
  • Don’t turn off radar overlay when opening a browser
  • Switched to new METAR service (because the old one was discontinued)
  • Added “Show Geographic Notices” and “Show Waterways Management Information” options to AIS
  • Show AIS Geographic Notices and Waterways Management Information by default


  • Fixed color of towboat symbol in dusk and night modes
  • Fixed a problem where labels would not always appear on the background map when the chart was rotated
  • Fixed a crash when setting a route to Predict Log Race style and then adding the first waypoint
  • Fixed a range issue with certain Alphatron radars

Rose Point Labs (Experimental Features)

Experimental AIS ASMs

  • Changed color of AIS Geographic Notices from red to the S-52 standard AIS color (blue)
  • Don’t display AIS Geographic Notices that have been canceled or after their end-time
  • Show linked text messages in AIS Geographic Notice tips
  • Removed the “Show Experimental AIS Binary Messages” option from Rose Point Labs

Next User Interface

  • Added adjustable CCRP to Setings > Vessel
  • Simplified how AIS vessel size information is overridden
  • Added “Settings” option to the boat’s tip
  • +Inland: Removed “Tow” from the boat’s tip
  • +Inland: Added tow information to Settings > Vessel
  • Show Voyage Recordings page link on the Tracks and Events pages
  • New Update Log (on Settings > Charts and Add-Ons page)
  • Enhanced display of installed PRIMAR ENC
  • Removed Alerts browser (for now)
Version 3.1.17208
Released 28 July 2017

This is a “maintenance update” with various bug fixes and performance enhancements.


  • Keep the “charts ready to install” message up when services are enabled
  • Don’t assume vessel is underway until it has been moving at 1 kt or more for at least 5 secs
  • Mention our support hours in the error report window
  • Provide option to change gateway IP address when a Nemo Gateway is detected on a different sub-net
  • Removed the (disabled) Options button from the Send to GPS window


  • Fixed a problem that could delay reporting of installed nav pubs when they were installed too quickly
  • Fixed problem auto-selecting between magnetic and true heading sensors
  • Fixed a problem with downloading some Primar charts
  • Fixed a problem drawing the radar overlay’s EBL2 when the boat is off-screen
  • Fixed printing of help topics
  • Fixed printing of text weather forecasts
Version 3.1.17086
Released 28 March 2017

This is primarily a “maintenance update” but it also includes a lot of changes to the Rose Point Labs options where you can see some of the work we are doing on the next major version of Rose Point ECS.


  • Accept NMEA 0183 sentences sent over UPD from local IP address on ports that are not talkers or listeners
  • Moved Nemo Gateway NMEA 0183 port listener filter storage to local registry (was stored in the gateway)
  • Added the Talker option to the Nemo Gateway NMEA 0183 ports
  • Set virtual time when using the calendar control in the tide/current station browsers (rather than just scrolling the graph)
  • Don’t warn about not being able to apply obsolete S-57 updates
  • Bypass Shutdown Windows window when installing updates when Exclusive Application Mode is enabled


  • Fixed a problem where some downloaded files would be used even if the download didn’t complete
  • Fixed problems where some default NMEA 0183 sensor names were missing their device name (like “GPS on”)
  • Fixed brightness around graphs in tide and current viewer when using dusk or night colors
  • Fixed potential crash when deleting broken RBL with only one waypoint
  • Fixed a problem where lost AIS targets could be considered dangerous based on their last reported information
  • Fixed a problem where small tide graphs shown in tips could be off by as much as one foot
  • Fixed problem where the date selection window could not used for CHS current stations without graphs
  • Fixed a very obscure problem where certain very rare network configurations could cause a crash at startup
  • Fixed an obscure problem with reconnecting to some UDP data streams after network interface problems are resolved

Rose Point Labs (Next User Interface)

  • The Esc key will now close the Search browser
  • Fixed the Install Add-On From File option
  • When installing charts from the Program or US Charts Disc, set a subscription for the selected regions
  • Fixed a problem with inhibiting chart region updates
  • Fixed problem with Send Route feature when the other PC’s network address changes
  • Replaced Chart Installation folder options with a single root chart folder
  • Fixed a problem where the alert bar would be hidden 30 secs after displaying an alert message even when the alert is still active
  • Changed “Internet Accounts” to just “Accounts” in Settings
  • Added “Activate License” option to help home page
  • Move the System ENC files to a hidden sub-folder of the main charts folder called “System ENC Cache”
  • Removing a chart region will now delete the charts from that region that are not found in any other installed region
  • Remove canceled NOAA and USACE charts from the quilt
  • Fixed a problem in the route details page where clicking outside the name-editing box did not commit changes
  • Only list installed regions on the installed charts pages
  • Only list charts not installed as part of a region in the “individual charts” section of installed charts pages
  • List charts that have been removed from the quilt in gray on the installed charts pages
  • Improved format of the chart update log
  • Tweaked the Charts and Add-Ons page layout a bit
  • Rearranged some commands on the chart panel’s +New menu
  • New Quick Route option on the chart panel’s +New menu makes routes the “old way”
  • Added the type of object to navigation object tips
  • Implemented the Delete option for installed charts
  • Enabled per-port talker options
  • Added Sensor Priorities page to the Electronics page
  • Removed the “Install Charts from a CD or DVD” and “Install Charts from a ZIP File” options because they’re not really useful anymore
  • Moved chart type selection to second page of the chart panel options menu to make room for more options
  • Added option to show/hide the chart overview to the chart panel options menu (and removed it from Rose Point Labs)
  • Show the title bar when the main menu is expanded in full-screen mode
  • Go back to the Screens home page when clicking Done in the Edit Screen page
  • Dynamically update the recent file list in Voyage Plan > Files
  • Include the desktop in the other file list in Voyage Plan > Files
  • Added option to ask about saving changes to documents (save without asking by default)
  • Fixed various toolbars that had options removed accidentally in the last update
  • Added Chart Display to the Settings > Preferences group
  • More updates to Help content
  • Show the instrument panel when the boat starts moving
  • Changed name of Guide Book browser to “Places”
  • Changed name of Tracking browser to “Vessels”
  • Added “Activate” to the tips of waypoints that are in an active route
  • Added a new window for sending vessel info and a password to an AIS via the AIS sensor status panel
Version 3.1.16361
Released 27 December 2016

This is primarily a “maintenance update” but it also includes a lot of changes to the Rose Point Labs options where you can see some of the work we are doing on the next major version of Rose Point ECS.


  • Removed the Panoramio feature (the Panoramio service has been shut down by Google)
  • Improved detection and disposal of invalid NMEA 2000 data
  • Removed the limit of two-digit radar target identifiers in TTM sentences
  • Added AIS Navigation Status codes 11 and 12 for towing (as well as the reserved values)
  • Updated AIS AtoN symbols to latest IMO guidelines
  • Enable SAR plane display by default
  • Faster detection for when own-ship information from an AIS transponder has been lost
  • Removed Sensor Status instrument when “Next User Interface” is not enabled (this is a “Labs” feature)
  • Show new background chart information in the chart overview (rivers, borders, names, etc)
  • Tweaked COM port code to enable Dual XGPS160
  • Increased the range of scales where IENC products are used
  • Dusk and night colors for Help and News windows
  • Improved the display of milemarkers at smaller scales
  • Allow the HTTP API to work on “localhost”
  • Updated the mile marks on the Ouachita/Black River
  • Fixed location of Campbell River in WPI
  • Repeat the “Chart updates have been downloaded and are ready to be installed” alert every 15 minutes until they get installed
  • Make sure the program is being used by the same Windows user account that it was installed with
  • Show groups containing more than 5 pubs on a separate page when listing installed pubs

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed potential crash when PC goes to sleep with an active network port
  • Fixed potential crash involving the US Charts or C-MAP Charts disc and the Chart Portfolio
  • Fixed problem where inserting a waypoint into a route contain more than 1000 waypoints would not renumber waypoints beyond 999
  • Fixed the location of several tide stations that were shown on the wrong side of the antimeridian
  • Fixed problem where pasted tracks would not always appear on the chart until being re-loaded
  • Fixed a problem in the Route Monitor where you sometimes could not scroll through all waypoints when unnamed waypoints were hidden
  • Fixed a problem were the Route Monitor and ETA Calculator would sometimes fail to calculate a path to the destination
  • Fixed problem where uninstalled chart updates could be downloaded at each sync until they were installed

Next User Interface (Rose Point Labs)

  • Many changes to the “Settings > Electronics” area
  • Added always on electronics data logging
  • Fixed a problem that could cause the current heading sensor to switch back and forth between two devices
  • New route details design
  • Removed the “Remove Top Bar” option (the “top bar” has been removed completely)
  • Show tips when selecting navigation objects in browser lists
  • Show full tip (rather than just name) when selecting AIS targets in Tracking browser list
  • The search filter on the Tracking page now filters by call sign and MMSI (as well as name)
  • New selection highlight with commands in lists of Routes, Marks, Events, Tracks, and Vessels.
  • More tweaks to the Back button behavior
  • Improved message bar
  • Support US Charts Disc and C-MAP Chart Discs in the new Charts and Add-Ons page
  • Removed the Route Segment Sharing option from the current user interface (it only affected the “next user interface” anyway)
  • Removed the Chart Loupe option (the Loupe is now always on in the “next user interface” and unavailable in the current user interface)
  • Removed the Chart Overview Overlay option from the current user interface (it is still available in the “next user interface”)
  • Turned Chart Overview Overlay on by default
  • More work on the Charts and Add-Ons area
  • More work on dusk and night colors
  • Changed buttons on alerts for chart updates to show charts rather than start downloading or installing them
  • Added a “Deactivate” command to tips for active marks
Version 3.1.16235
Released 24 August 2016

This is primarily a “maintenance update” but it also includes a lot of changes to the Rose Point Labs options where you can see some of the work we are doing on the next major version of Rose Point ECS.


  • Allow sensor priorities to be set to values less than 1
  • Added some options for drawing more things on the background map
  • Remember the selected video source in the video instrument
  • Make sure selected AIS targets are not sleeping
  • Beep when the message bar has something to say
  • Automatically sync charts after installing a new region

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed some problems caused by re-issues of ENC
  • Fixed a problem where hidden routes would appear on the chart store map
  • Fixed an obscure problem where clicking on tracks created hundreds of years ago could cause a crash
  • Fixed a problem where the heading instrument did not always use the manually selected heading sensor
  • Fixed a problem where, under rare circumstances, small scale charts would be used for obstacle detection even when larger scale charts covered an area
  • Fixed another problem with time-dependant objects in ENC
  • Prevent long tip text from drawing outside of the tip
  • Added support for the new Nemo Box Advanced Options link

Rose Point ECS Update Service (Rose Point Labs)

  • Implemented basic automatic sync options
  • Fixed a problem backing up pubs with titles containing characters not valid for file names
  • Sync pubs after installing a new pub

Next User Interface (Rose Point Labs)

  • Changed “Background Chart Drawing” option to “Delayed Chart Drawing” and moved it to the chart options page.
  • Don’t require the “Use Full-Screen when maximized” option to show the titlebar when the cursor is at the top of the screen in full-screen mode
  • Changed colors of background map
  • Don’t respond to clicks that are used to dismiss popup tool panels (i.e. don’t show a chart tip when clicking out of the chart type panel)
  • Added LIST option to ENC tips
  • Move the vessel up a bit when using Look Ahead mode to compensate for the toolbar
  • On AIS vessel tips and pages, only show the time since the last report in red when that time is greater than the reporting interval should be based on the vessel’s speed, type, etc. (It was red if the time since the last report was more than a minute.)
  • Don’t create new boundary circles when activating a screen if the boat is already in one
  • Next user interface shows new logo on splash screen and browser bar
  • Moved commands off of the ellipsis menu and on to the toolbar in the Screens browser
  • Updated the look and size of the back and close buttons
  • Changed the behavior of the back button
  • Added a slight delay before showing the titlebar when moving the mouse to the top of the screen in full screen mode
  • Fixed dusk and night colors for Screens browser
  • Screen ordering changes are now saved
  • Changes made to panel options and splitters are now saved in the screens
  • Added Options button/window to Screen editor
Version 3.1.16137

This is primarily a “maintenance update” but it also includes a lot of changes to the Rose Point Labs options where you can see some of the work we are doing on the next major version of Rose Point ECS.


  • Redraw the chart when the diplay contains date-dependant objects and the virtual date changes
  • Don’t warn of expired chart permits when the permits have been renewed
  • Updated symbols for DSC calls to be larger and made position reports different from distress calls
  • Show a tip with more information when a DSC call symbol is clicked
  • Added support for NMEA 0183 MOB sentence and the NMEA 2000 PGN 127233 “MOB”
  • Made some minor changes to the splash screen
  • Added support for tide and current predictions to our BC chart products
  • Make sure marks imported from GPX files get icons even when one is not specified in the file
  • Don’t reset AIS own-ship when receving VDM message for own-ship’s MMSI. This should fix issues with own-ship also appearing as a separate target when near a repeater or when two AIS units are installed.
  • Added tips to Range/Bearing Lines
  • Show information about “Special Marks” (included with some NV Charts) in tips rather than on property panel
  • Show a symbol for IMO-style AIS meteorological reports that do not provide wind (those that do provide wind were already shown)
  • Added support for currents in IMO-style AIS meteorological reports
  • Added projection and datums to the S-57 chart properties
  • Improved keyword searching in help content
  • Added search for lat/lon with only numbers (south and west are negative)
  • Added link to change history next to program version number on help home page
  • Added file names to tips for XYZ Surveys

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed problem where downloading USACE IENC charts individually would place them in the ENC_ROOT folder rather than the USACE_IENC folder
  • Draw lines from boat and origin to active mark along great circle when sailing option is set to great-circle
  • Fixed a problem interpreting NMEA 0183 TTM (Tracked Target Message) sentences in relative-motion mode
  • Fixed a problem that prevented some periodic vector chart objects (such as ice buoys) from appearing when they should.
  • Fixed the radar transmit/standby button (it went missing in 3.1.15337)
  • Fixed problem where charts being viewed could not be updated sometimes

Rose Point Labs

  • Moved chart and chart feature properties to the browser (away from the Properties Task Pane)
  • Added a link to the browser in the vector chart tips
  • Removed tide and weather commands from chart panel’s context menu (better to use the conditions sidebar button)
  • Removed the Pan, Select, and Zoom Tool options from the chart panel’s context menu (better to stay in Pan Tool mode and user other methods to access other modes)
  • Changed how object types are selected on the Marks page of Voyage Plan Browser and allow all types to be listed
  • Removed Fish Finder Task Pane (all settings are available in the fish finder view or the calibration window)
  • Removed the Properties task pane; Properties now appear in the browser
  • Removed the Boat task pane; these options now appear in the browser
  • Removed the Vessels task pane (you can make one by creating a new task pane and adding the AIS Targets instrument)
  • Double clicking on navigation objects will now display properties (in the browser). (Double clicking on tracks, routes, boundaries, and range/bearing lines no longer does a “zoom to”.)
  • Show tips when clicking on all navigation object types
  • Updated tips for AIS targets
  • Moved the default position of the chart loupe to the bottom-left corner
  • Show waypoints as larger dots when viewing at small scales
  • Removed Theme option from Rose Point Labs page (it is on the General page)
  • Added help, glossaries, and abbreviations to search results
  • Added Undo, Redo, and Help commands to the expanded sidebar panel
  • Removed Undo and Redo from various toolbars (since they are on the sidebar panel)
  • The 1 through 9 keys now select custom screens
  • Renamed NAVTEX page to Messages
  • Updated AIS Geographic Notice support (still “experimental” though)
  • The Conditions > Survey page lets survey files be opened
  • Show raster chart corrections in properties
  • Removed the circled arrows from the search results
  • Made double-clicking in search results show plcae details
  • Show better tips for more search result types
  • Highlight the News and Announcements button when there’s something new
  • Removed the circled arrows from the search results
  • Made double-clicking in search results show place details
  • Show better tips for more search result types
  • Highlight the News and Announcements button when there’s something new
Version 3.1.15348

This update fixes a problem with radar caused by the previous update.

Version 3.1.15337

This is primarily a “maintenance update” but it also includes a lot of changes to the Rose Point Labs options where you can see some of the work we are doing on the next major version of Coastal Explorer.


  • Rose Point PRIMAR ENC is now always enabled in the Chart Store (no longer requires the Rose Point Labs option)
  • Show sectors of compound lights at two different radii
  • Replaced the Send Feedback option in help with a Send Application Log option
  • Make the time it takes for an AIS target to become lost based on the type, navigational status, and speed (it used to always be 3 min)
  • Changed the option for removing lost AIS targets after a period time to mean “from the time it was lost” (it used to be “from the last time a report was received)
  • Changed the display of lost AIS targets to be more like sleeping targets (smaller, no name, etc.)
  • Changed the default time to hide lost targets to 1 min
  • When a sleeping AIS target is selected, show it as if were active
  • Reversed the direction of arrow symbols in graphical weather forecasts. Arrows now point in the direction wind, waves, or current is moving.
  • Delete corrupted chart zip files during chart update
  • Allow ground wind to be calculated without COG when SOG is zero
  • Ignore PGs from NMEA 2000 devices with invalid addresses (252-255)
  • Let rpxyz files use WGS85, NAD83, and NAD27 in the srs field
  • Added option to show a number of “ghost” vessels in the predictor
  • Changed default value of “Allow Control” option for Radar to true

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed issues with the loop option during voyage playback
  • Fixed a problem where marks used in range/bearing lines could not be re-used as part of another range/bearing line sometimes
  • Fixed a problem where heading was sometimes used to calculate CPA to AIS targets rather than COG
  • Fixed a problem that could cause a crash in Graphical Weather Forecasts becaue of corrupted weather data files
  • Fixed a problem preventing AIS sentences from being filtered out
  • Fixed a problem displaying rate-of-turn when multiple sources were available, but not all were working
  • Fixed problem receiving some J-1939 PGNs
  • Fixed a problem where route lengths were not updated after switching sailing mode
  • Fixed a problem where leg bearings were not updated after reversing a route
  • Fixed another issue with Actisense NGT-1 initialization (this prevents the need to use the NMEAReader tool to enable PGN’s)

Rose Point Labs – Next User Interface

  • Display a message when the F6 key is pressed explaining what it will do, how to switch back, and providing a way to cancel
  • Ignore PGs from NMEA 2000 devices with invalid addresses (252-255)
  • Only show option to send NMEA 0183 sentence for talker or repeater ports
  • Show NMEA 0183 sentences being sent in the troubleshooter
  • Set Talker option appropriately for Nemo NMEA 0183 ports
  • Added “Send to ActiveCaptain” to route context menu in the “Next UI”
  • Updated look of buttons on chart panel and other app views
  • New chart panel scale indicator with popup scale selection panel and chart info
  • Changed scale display and selection to use actual scale at current latitude rather than at equator
  • New virtual time controls and diplay for graphical weather forecasts
  • Added an option to not always activate all targets and some corresponding options to control when targets are automatically activated
  • Updated sync panel in new settings area
Version 3.1.15209

This update fixes a problem displaying the rate-of-turn on some systems with multiple heading sources. It also has a few other minor changes:

  • Fixed a problem displaying rate-of-turn when multiple sources are available but not all are working properly
  • Fixed a problem where heading was sometimes used to calculate CPA to AIS targets rather than COG
  • Fixed a problem that prevented NMEA 0183 sentences for AIS from being filtered out
  • Fixed a problem that could cause a crash in Graphical Weather Forecasts because of corrupted weather data files
  • Fixed problem receiving some J-1939 PGNs
  • Ignore PGs from NMEA 2000 devices with invalid addresses (252-255)
  • Replaced the Send Feedback option in help with a Send Application Log option
  • Show sectors of compound lights at two different radii
  • Changed default value of “Allow Control” option for Radar to true
  • Display correct EULA in help
Version 3.1.15169

This is primarily a “maintenance update” but it also includes several new features as listed below.

New Features

  • Moved the Background Chart Drawing option out of Rose Point Labs and to the General page
  • Added option for showing Seabed, springs, seaweed, and turbulence
  • Added option for highlighting date-dependent objects
  • Added support for AIS Aids to Navigation Reports, AIS UTC and Date Report (AIS Base Station Reports), and AIS Binary Broadcast Message via NMEA 2000


  • When hiding a route, don’t hide waypoints that existed outside of the route
  • Allow AIS own-ship reports with an MMSI of 0 (other-ship reports with an MMSI of 0 will still be ignored)
  • Removed the option to sync the PC clock from the GPS since it won’t work on most newer versions of Windows.
  • Popup panels no longer timeout and hide automatically
  • Group and sort the items in the Licensing and Add-Ons > Add-Ons lists.
  • Cancel sync process when installing program updates from notification bar.
  • Made it possible to remove the last instrument from an instrument panel
  • Removed the ability to purchase CHS charts via the online store
  • Some changes to make sure S-63 charts that have already been installed will continue to work after their permits have expired
  • Changed name of USACE Mile Markers to Distance Markers

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a problem where notifications of own-ship changing would repeatedly occur due to AIS repeaters in the area
  • Fixed problem where option to show or hide lease blocks and mile markers was not saved
  • Prevent VRM1 and VRM2 from being dragged when the “boat” is not selected
  • Fixed a problem where point chart features that rendered only as text (such as “nature of surface”) would not show up in pick reports.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented Nautical Publication features from appearing in pick reports.
  • Fixed performance problem when many charts were downloaded and not being installed.
  • Fixed a problem where new routes would not always show obstacles in Voyage Plan
  • Fixed a problem that could make it hard to drag waypoints via a touchscreen under some situations
  • Fixed some problems where the current sensor could switch back and forth between two devices
  • Fixed a potential crash when starting with a full-screen secondary radar window
  • Fixed a potential problem with buying charts on systems with very old versions of Internet Explorer installed
  • More robust Actisense NGT-1 intitialization that will either solve problems relating to setting output PGN’s or log the reason it isn’t working.
Version 3.1.15026

This update fixes a problem that could cause Rose Point ECS to crash on some systems under some circumstances.

Version 3.1.15021

This update fixes a problem introduced in 3.1.15005 where some vector chart options would not be saved.

Version 3.1.15005

New Features and Functionality

  • Various updates to vector chart drawing (S-52 Presentation Library)
  • Changed the Chart Panel options button to show selected chart type
  • Moved most chart options to a settings browser panel
  • Added “Shorten ATON Names” option
  • Added option to use isolated danger symbol (the magenta plus sign)
  • Added option to label depth contours
  • Added option to highlight major lights
  • Send PGN 127258 “Magnetic Variation” when repeating GPS info to NMEA 2000 networks
  • The on-screen keyboard is now opened automatically on touch-systems that do not have a physical keyboard when the user taps an edit box.
  • INLAND: Added command to activate tracks as if they were routes (for getting XTE)
  • LABS: Hide the Cruise Mode SCREENS and NEARBY buttons when the Browser Sidebar is enabled
  • LABS: Start of a new SCREENS browser for configuring and selecting custom screen layouts

Fixed Bugs and Other Changes

  • Update World Magnetic Model
  • Updated the location of the list of river stage stations on the internet
  • Fixed problem interpreting DGPS age in NMEA 2000 PGN 129029 which caused incorrect values in the GPS Status display
  • Fixed saving custom and reset screen layouts with touch screens
  • Fixed problem where system colors would not be restored if the program crashed while in dusk or night mode
Version 3.1.14244

Highlights of this update include a brand new Chart Store that makes it much easier to find the charts you need, improved Tablet Support, more options in Rose Point Labs, and plenty of other changes and bug fixes.

Version 3.1.14120

This update fixes a potential crash at startup when certain weather-related files are somehow corrupted.

Version 3.1.14114

This update fixes a problem that caused some buoys to be shown with the wrong color.

Version 3.1.14110

Highlights of this update include:

  • This new Announcement Window that will appear after an update to let you know what is new. We’ve also added a Change History to Help with a lot more detail.
  • You can now select multiple marks (using the select tool or Ctrl+click) and drag them all at once.
  • We have greatly improved the selection of the initial waypoint when you activate a route and your boat is not near the start of that route.
  • A new Add Network Port window that lets you configure UDP data ports as well as TCP (“telnet”) ports. You can also adjust the port settings after adding a network port by double clicking on it in the list of ports.
  • And, of course, we’ve made a many more minor changes and fixed a few bugs.
Version 3.1.13330

This is a maintenance update that includes various bug fixes and performance enhancements.

  • Fixed problem with Ctrl+Q F and Ctrl+Q A when autoscrolling was inhibited
  • Fixed a problem with obstacle detection along predictor
  • Fixed some issues with route obstacle detection when using IENC 2.1 charts
  • Removed bogus TT 504 mile marker
  • Fixed problem with day tip colors in cruise mode after using dusk or night colors
  • Fixed problem where some Garmin devices would not send position reports after an object transfer.
  • Fixed a crash when right-click dragging in the list view of the chart portfolio.
  • Clicking on an AIS target that is showing a tip will now remove the tip.
  • Added the ability for an administrator to disable the Add-On store.
  • Install US Charts Disc NOAA charts to the correct folder when using the Chart Portfolio.
  • Download large text forecast zone files separate from program updates.
  • Increased the southernmost limit of the chart display to 80 deg.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause occasional flashes of color in network video images.
  • Disable the Add-Ons window when the Sync window is invoked from it so it acts like a modal dialog. (Prevents a crash that could occur if the Add-Ons window was closed before the Sync window.)
  • Updated web address of Aerial Photo Web Maps
Version 3.1.13311

This is a fairly significant update and includes sweeping (though mostly subtle) changes to the overall look of the program. Many other changes are listed below.

User Interface

  • High-DPI monitor support
  • Various design changes to support High-DPI monitors and a slightly more modern look
  • The Sync button symbol spins while a sync is in progress
  • Fixed a few minor problems in the help content
  • Removed 2011 from application title
  • Removed old $betatest command (and corresponding BETA indicator on title bar); replaced Beta Testing option page with Rose Point Labs page that is always there.
  • New larger and more useful chart tips
  • Show AIS Timed Area Notice information in a tip rather than the property panel
  • Added +MARK button to tips (it will create a mark at the tip’s location)
  • Changed the format of chart property pages to look more like a paper chart’s title block
  • Removed the panel type buttons from browser-attached chart panels and from the secondary radar screen

Chart Installation and Display

  • Fixed a problem installing IENC from the US Charts Disc with the Chart Portfolio
  • Added support for the new AVCS Exchange Set DVD structure
  • Added Topographic Web Maps and Photo Web Maps
  • Removed MSR Maps as the service was being discontinued by Microsoft Research
  • Removed “Custom…” option from the Chart Menu > Chart Types list. (It was not very useful.)
  • Selecting “Hide All Charts” will now turn off hybrid vector chart mode

Routs and Marks

  • Dragging range circles, arrival circles, names, and comments now only works when the waypoint is selected (to avoid accidental changes)
  • Dragging range circles and arrival circles with more than one mark selected will now adjust all of them
  • Display range value when dragging arrivial circles
  • Don’t show route manipulation handles for locked routes or routes in ready-only documents
  • Disable Reverse Route, Add to End of Route, Insert New Waypoint, Include Waypoint, and Split Route for locked routes
  • Made route manipulation handles work for predicted log race style routes
  • Fixed a problem where predicted log race style routes were drawn along with the normal route at very small scales
  • Fixed a problem where opening a document while the Routes or Marks browser was open would not refill the lists automatically
  • Fixed various problems regarding the antimeridian. This includes Wheel Over Routes, Predicted Log Routes, route manipulation handles, rectangular selections, boundary crossings, and more
  • Fixed problem where updates to planned speeds were not immediately reflected in Route Details
  • Fixed problem where moving a waypoint did not immediately update leg distance and course values in the Route Details
  • Fixed problem where printing a route could show first leg starting at boat position even when start at first waypoint option was selected

Guide Books and Conditions

  • When selecting the Guide Book browser tab, a list of nearby places is shown rather than the nearest place
  • Added Next/Previous Place buttons to the Guide Book browser toolbar
  • Fixed problem where Panoramio images without captions could not be selected
  • New easier to use NAVTEX browser
  • Added button to update NAVTEX messages from NASA Marine Navtex PC Pro
  • Added the Bay of Fundy current station that so many other stations in the NE US depend on


  • Fixed problem preventing the “Show AIS Own-Ship” option from appearing on the boat’s right-click menu when an AIS transponder is available but not being used as the position source
  • Fixed problem where predictor line would not draw correctly when it crossed the antimeridian
  • Added support for Windows Location Platform when running on Windows 8
  • Changed timeouts for device detection in Port Troubleshooter to prevent some devices from appearing to go offline (especially AIS receivers
Version 3.0.13148
  • Fixed a potential crash after downloading a chart catalog from the USACE
  • Fixed problem that could prevent vector charts from updating while they were being viewed
  • Fixed problem where application logs attached to feedback were not getting sent
Version 3.0.13141

This update fixes a problem introduced in version 3.0.13133 that could cause a crash while updating charts that were being viewed at the same time.

Version 3.0.13133

This update is very important to anyone using the USACE IENC charts. The Corps has switched to a new chart format and has discontinued support of the older format. This update to Rose Point ECS is necessary to use the new IENC 2.2 format charts that are now being produced. In addition, the Corps is making available a special “overlay” chart that contains buoy positions. Rose Point ECS will automatically keep the buoy overlay chart up-to-date if it is configured to update any of the IENC regions.

This update also contains many enhancements to the interface to various electronic devices, especially NMEA 2000 and Bluetooth, as well as a few other bug fixes and performance enhancements.


  • Added the “Charts Here > Include Small-Craft Charts” command to allow small-craft charts to be enabled/disabled all at once.
  • Switched over to the new USACE IENC 2.2 chart catalog.
  • Added the new USACE IENC buoy overlay to the catalog.
  • Added “Report a problem with this chart” links to NOAA ENC, NOAA RNC, USACE IENC, and CHS BSB charts.
  • Indicate “Source date” in Properties of S-57 chart objects.
  • Allow IENC overlay features to be selected so their properties can be seen.
  • Highlight the safety contour in S-57 charts.
  • Implemented symbolized area fills for S-57 charts.
  • Use in new technique to determine ENC titles so that more of them can be found.


  • Added support for the Raven Revolve ROT Generator.
  • Changed the scale of the GPS signal strength indicators.
  • AIS transponders now appear in the lists of position sources (along with GPS receivers) on the boat’s context menu, the Cruise Mode GPS menu, and the Configure Vessel and Electronics window.
  • Removed “Prefer GPS/AIS Position” commands from boat context menu now that the AIS can be selected more directly.
  • Enabled priority options for heading and depth sensors.
  • When a port has more than one GPS, show a list of them in the troubleshooter’s GPS status panel so you can monitor each one.
  • Gave the NMEA 0183 GGA sentence a higher priority for position information than GNS and RMC since it is generally more useful. (This also shows the HDOP for more GPS receivers on the boat’s context menu and the Cruise Mode GPS menu.).
  • Recover from disconnected and reconnected Bluetooth COM ports.
  • Ignore “incoming” Bluetooth ports since they can’t be used and cause problems when you try to.
  • Updated Port Troubleshooter’s General page to show more information in a better format.
  • Fixed a problem where Port Autodetection window would not always find AIS Receivers and Transponders.
  • Fixed problem where Port Autodetection window would be unresponsive when dis-connected and broken Bluetooth ports were available.
  • Don’t use overlapped I/O with Prolific serial ports so their driver doesn’t crash the PC as often.
  • In troubleshooter for NMEA 2000 interfaces, show PGNs for each device that is sending it.
  • Show NMEA 2000 instance numbers in troubleshooter and sensor pages.
  • Fixed a problem auto-detecting Actisense and Maretron NMEA 2000 gateways.
  • Fixed a problem initializing an Actisense NGT-1 when it was already configured, but not plugged in at startup, and subsequently plugged in.
  • Utilize NMEA 2000 rudder angles even when instance is set to “unknown”.
  • Support multiple sensors on the same port (important for NMEA 2000). NOTE: Any previous NMEA 2000 sensor configuration will need to be redone (e.g. GPS position on vessel, name, priority, etc.).


  • Fixed problem with Range/Bearing Lines distance units.
  • Indicate when a download fails in the Add-Ons > Downloads window.
  • Don’t offer to send error reports unless an application error is found in the log or a Windows crash report is found.
  • Fixed problem calculating log-race route leg distances when viewed or printed at small scales.
Version 3.0.13021

This is a fairly minor maintenance release, but is the first version available to the automatic update process for some time and includes the changes listed for other versions below as well.

  • Fixed an issue that caused IENC version 2.1 to be displayed as regular ENC.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause minor issues with help page drawing.
  • Fixed a potential problem when switching the Route Monitor from Inland to Open Water mode.
Version 3.0.12330
  • Fixed color of AIS predictors and outlines when using black backgrounds
  • Added option for wider AIS vessel symbols (on by default)
  • Added Pilot Station symbol option to Marks
  • Added TTG option to Cursor ETA instrument
  • Added two variable range markers to the Boat
  • Added total distance, total time, departure time, and ETA to route printing
  • Added option to remove chart from route printing
  • Added option to show vessel name to route printing
  • Added page range option to route printing
  • Fixed problem showing line from AIS Info Panel to AIS target symbol when no own-ship was available (line would go to top-left corner instead of target)
  • Fixed a problem with the mini-digital GPS Status instrument that prevented it from showing warnings correctly
  • Change the SOG and COG instruments to show dashes instead of last known values when GPS is lost
Version 3.0.12271
  • Added “about” information to help home page
  • Peg the needle on the dial-style rate of turn instrument
  • Added milemarkers CO 57 through 63
  • Added video input selection to video panel’s context menu when video source has more than one input
  • Added video crossbar option to video panel’s context menu when appropriate
  • Fixed problem sending ETA to AIS transponders
  • Added support for AIS SART display
  • Show MMSI as 9-digit numbers by adding leading zeros if necessary
  • Removed the resolution option from automatic connections to AXIS video servers as it causes some to fail
  • Don’t look for route obstacles using small scale charts for parts already covered by large scale charts
  • Fixed problem showing some Cruise Mode popups with some multi-monitor configurations
  • Moved browser panels to the left of the chart
  • Show the Options and Configure Vessel and Electronics windows on the same monitor as the main window even when that is not the primary Windows monitor
  • Fixed a problem with manually scrolling to the bottom of the Route Monitor waypoint list with a mouse wheel
  • Fixed a problem where Follow Vessel would get disabled after scrolling the chart once
  • Draw mile markers in an appropriate color for the current daylight mode
  • Show Under Keel Clearance in the Route Monitor
  • Made it possible to remove the last barge of a tow by dragging it away from the boat
  • Fixed sorting of Vessels Task Pane in Inland Mode