Coastal Explorer Support

The latest version of Coastal Explorer is 4.0.18154.1826


Exploring Coastal Explorer

Your guide to installing and using Coastal Explorer. This is the printed booklet that comes with the Coastal Explorer "retail package".

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Coastal Explorer Network Forum

Ask questions, find answers, make suggestions, and discuss Coastal Explorer with Rose Point and other users.


Purchasing and Installing C-MAP Charts

C-MAP Charts may be purchased from within Coastal Explorer. Here's how to buy them and get them installed on each of your PCs.

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Support for older versions of Coastal Explorer

Get support for Coastal Explorer 2011 (version 3.1)

Upgrade to the New Coastal Explorer Version 4
Upgrade any old version to the new Coastal Explorer for only $99. (If you purchased Coastal Explorer on or after January 1, 2016 you are eligible for a free upgrade.)

Download the Coastal Explorer 3.1 Installer
This is a full installer (300 MB). Use this if you need to install Coastal Explorer 3.1 on a new PC and do not wish to upgrade to version 4. If you need to update an existing installation, the smaller update program may be downloaded from the old support page.